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Sustainability Advice

The Williams sustainability team advises clients throughout all stages of the planning and design process to ensure that the developments they deliver are of optimum environmental standard and satisfy the demands of increasingly stringent planning policy.

Working with the client we inform the design of new developments to ensure that they adhere to the principles and requirements of sustainable design and construction. We offer technical solutions that are viable from a theoretical and practical perspective. Our ability to draw on Williams’ cost consultants knowledge base differentiates us from the competition by enabling us to cost the design solutions we recommend, therefore ensuring that they are viable in reality and not just on paper.

Our reports provide a technical and non-technical breakdown of the assessment process to ensure comprehension by readers of all backgrounds.

Our rapidly expanding sustainability team has a diverse range of expertise in the environmental sector including environmental science, engineering and architecture disciplines. The team works with both private and public clients both nationally and internationally. As well as providing specialist advice, the team is adept at running discussion forums, design workshops and meetings. They also run training sessions internally and externally to educate and guide people regarding what sustainability actually means to them and their projects.

Our experts are LEED Accredited Professionals and are responsible for project managing Green Building Assessments. Typically, their role involves providing an interface between the technical and cost considerations often encountered while appraising sustainability options on projects. Other areas of our expertise include sustainability strategy, carbon footprinting and life cycle cost assessment.

At a buildings level, we are following Green Building Certification consultancy initiatives for the Middle East market. Green Building Certification (incorporating environmental assessment methods such as LEED, BREEAM and Estidama) is expected to become more popular as the regulatory environment within the Middle East evolves.

Our Sustainability Advice services shall include:

  • Carbon footprinting & reduction advice
  • Client sustainability strategy
  • Life cycle costing analysis
  • Project specific option appraisals
  • Technical & commercial sustainability advice
  • Client sustainability training

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