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Success Schedule Exchange

Success Schedule Exchange

Schedule Exchange provides the enterprise a flexible data exchange engine allowing for the seamless synchronization of your Primavera® Schedule and your Success Estimator estimate or your Cost Manager report, not only saving time, but increasing the efficiency of both applications.

Using the Schedule Exchange program, estimators can instantly create work breakdown structures directly from a Primavera schedule. Likewise, schedulers can automatically transfer budget cost and resources from an estimate to a schedule. Among the other unique features offered, Schedule Exchange provides a configurable data exchange option that allows users to manipulate what and how data is transferred between the systems.

Some features of Success Schedule Exchange include:

  • Instantly transfer cost and WBS data between schedules, estimates and cost reports
  • Resource and cost load a schedule or create an estimate directly from an existing schedule.
  • Configurable data mapping
  • Accelerated Estimate creation
  • Instantaneous transfer of costs and resources to Cost Manager for accurate performance updates and cashflow forecasting
  • Schedule and budget synchronization

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