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Success Estimator

Success Estimator

Success Estimator is a windows based estimation software with  unparalleled combination of off-the-shelf estimating functionality and customization capability make it the ideal solution for any organization with unique estimating requirements. From user-defined parametric cost models to detailed “bottom-up” estimates, Success Estimator’s ability to conform to your company's methods & procedures is simply unmatched.

  • Success Estimator has complete Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 compatibility, including 32-bit processing and long (255-character) file names. You can give your projects more descriptive names without running into character limits.
  • The Success Estimator user interface has been designed with careful attention to ease-of-use and absolute efficiency. A key feature of this interface is the flexibility of the project display area called the Project Window.
  • Success Estimator contains unlimited alternate WBS Project trees for aligning your estimate information into different organizational structures.
  • Success Estimator allows you to create your own custom fields. You can create up to ninety custom fields for each category of data, including Detail Items, DIAs, Markups, Conversions, and all Resource types. Character fields can be as large as twenty characters. Numeric fields default to a length of twenty digits; you can make changes if the default is not sufficient.

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