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Strategic Procurement Advice

A robust procurement strategy optimizes performance, ensures regulatory compliance and maximizes the client's commercial position. Taking a strategic view in treating capital investment options as long-term programs rather than 'one-off' projects can lead to significant benefits.

Procurement strategies have often been developed by the individual experience of people associated with the project or program, or through utilization of "the one we used last time".  We challenge the client to identify what they want to achieve in a number of key areas, including their appetite for holding or transferring risk, capability & capacity of the market to meet their needs, approach to contract management, opportunity to innovate, need to comply with public contract regulations, and short-term benefits or long term relationships.

We can advise clients on the options available to achieve their desired outcomes in these areas. An optimum procurement strategy, executed effectively can lead to significant benefits to the achieve project portfolio success.  We believe there is not a "one size fits all" procurement strategy.

Through questioning the client's requirements we produce a 'statement of needs' that acts as a clear communication of what is required and a basis from which procurement decisions are made. We can provide comparisons with previous research to aid decision making in areas such as; contract choice (Such as FIDIC, JCT, NEC3 or PPC approaches), market research (identifying what potential suppliers may be interested) and risk profiles (identifying risks and opportunities in the chosen approach).

By consideration of the pro's and con's of all benefits we can design the optimum procurement strategy, presenting a business case for all the important decisions made.

Our Strategic Procurement Advice services shall include:

  • Defining strategic project objectives
  • Evaluating procurement options to achieve objectives
  • Detailing strategic procurement advice on options
  • Providing procurement audits
  • Providing client procurement training

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