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Sound Transit Light Rail System / Rainier Valley, Seattle WA

Atlanta International


Sound Transit Light Rail System


Parsons / RCI

Project size

USD $128 Million

Period of Performance

7/2003 – 9/2005t

Responsible Project Phases

Construction, Close-Out


Sound Transit Light Rail System / Rainier Valley, Seattle WA

Scope of Services

Parsons had recently acquired RCI Construction who was performing the below grade construction for the Rainier Valley Link of Sound Transit’s light rail system. The 4.3 mile segment is valued at approximately $128M.

Upon commencement of work, the contractors had immediately identified a potential of 850 changes valued at nearly $11.5M caused by unforeseen and mis-identified obstacles. These obstacles were causing work delays, interruptions and re-designs.

The owner requested an urgent review of the project’s cost positions and assessment of the potential change orders in preparation for the following week’s contract re-negotiation meetings.

During this assignment period provided the following services to the project team:
- Worked with the Chief Accountant and Senior Cost Supervisor reviewed Forefront accounting system, Proposed Change Order Log and a sampling of extra work packages. Developed a suggested auditing / reconciliation work sheet for the extra work issues;
- Provided assistance in the preparation of the forth coming contract negotiation meetings. Using the PCO Log as a base, pulled information from Forefront and developed a logical set of comparative columns to aid analysis of approximately $11.5M worth of “8000” accounts. This base was then segmented into five additional sub-sets for comparison of values and analysis;
- Reviewed and documented the current extra work / cost process – see attached interview files that diagram the work processes of some of the key extra costs people;
- Identified possible missing steps or areas needing improvement; and make recommendations;
- Analyzed the projects use of management software and presented findings and recommendations regarding the use of Expedition, Access, Excel and their possible combinations;
- Wrap up report prepared providing findings, conclusion and recommended improvements.

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