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Solid Propellant Disposition Facility, Russia

Atlanta International


Russian Federation


Lockheed Martin Energy Technologies (LMET)

Project size

USD $24 Million

Period of Performance


Responsible Project Phases

Planning, Design and Construction


Solid Propellant Disposition Facility, Russia

Scope of Services

The Solid Propellant Disposition Facility (SPDF) was intended to provide the Russian Federation with a contained incineration system to remove propellant from solid-fuel ICBMs and SLBMs and to cut up missile bodies and canisters in accordance with START I elimination requirements.

Williams/US Cost was tasked by Lockheed Martin Energy Technologies (LMET) to prepare an Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) and Variance Report for a Propellant Disposition Facility in the Russian Federation. The purpose of the facility is to treat combustion by-product gasses in the exhaust plumes resultant from the disposition of solid fuel propellants. The estimate is for validating the cost of the project as provided by the Designer / Constructor. The Cost Variance Report demonstrates major differences between the ICE and the Designer/Constructors estimate of cost.

The ICE specifically addressed two primary elements of the facility:

1. A large horizontal carbon steel vessel used for burning propellant

2. High volume, high temperature, adjustable venturi particulate and gas scrubbers with exhaust stack terminations used to cleanse the propellant exhaust plume.

Cooling water and rinse water for the vessel and scrubbers are provided by horizontal, split-case pumps. Elements of critical importance to the function of the system include field applied refractory lining, interconnecting carbon steel exhaust duct, control valves, load sized gas-fired MW generators with synchronizing switchgear to provide variable, on-demand power requirements. Elements of conventional construction include concrete mat foundations with beams and waterproof coatings for spill containment of caustic and hazardous liquids, a steel framed, metal building with overhead bridge cranes, a process control system, life safety systems, and a CCTV system.

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