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Quality Management


Project quality management includes the processes required to ensure that a project will meet the needs for which it was undertaken. Those processes include quality planning, quality assurance and quality control.

Williams uses a rolling program of project audits to embed a culture of continual improvement into the project delivery program, through objective measures, corrective and preventive actions, and through engagement of the entire project team with the quality management systems via communications, daily use, topical training sessions (e.g. tool box talks), interaction with the audit process, system performance feedback and system improvement suggestions.

Williams’ approach to the quality management of the project will be outward looking and aims to put in place an effective quality assurance and control regime to be cascaded to all project participants. This is done assure the Client that end-product requirements will be met progressively through the life of the project. The emphasis is upon ‘quality’ being proactively planned, designed and built in to the project, rather than retroactively trying to inspect it in.

At Williams, our objective is to produce projects which meet or exceed the required standards and regulations, performance and durability in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

Our Quality Management services shall include:

  • Quality assurance plan development and implementation
  • Development of the quality control organization structure and responsibilities
  • Control of consultant quality
  • Control of contractor, sub-contractor & supplier quality
  • Management of QA/QC documentation & quality records
  • Non-conformance management
  • Independent quality audits

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Oct 3, 2010 - Williams International Group  is pleased to announce the establishment of it’s newest office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Aug 1, 2010 - Williams International Group set to announce  the launching of it’s latest Cost Management software  “Cost Manager”,  in January 2011.

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