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Project Planning & Control


Project planning and controls have been a core competency within our business for over 25 years. We have a reputation for excellence in this area. Our proposition is that we bring with us all the necessary tools, processes and procedures, then incorporate the best and most appropriate elements into the planning phase of the program with the intention to roll it out over the project life cycle, such that “best practice” project controls become intrinsic to the program and second nature for all participants.

It is our belief that in the area of support services, the quality and values of our people are absolutely key to the over all performance of projects and programs. Once aspects are systemized and automated, the single biggest risk becomes the performance of individuals within project and program teams. We intend to bring our skills to bear, and generate an enthusiasm for project planning and control right across the project portfolio.

Our Project Planning and Control services shall include:

  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) preparation
  • Master program and schedule preparation
  • Establishment of integration, scope and risk management practices
  • Establishment of project communication, cost & schedule management systems & procedures
  • Development of budget, procurement, HSE & quality plans
  • Development of energy plan consistent with local standards
  • Development of the project management plan
  • Implementation of project control tools suited for the project

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Press Releases

Oct 3, 2010 - Williams International Group  is pleased to announce the establishment of it’s newest office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Aug 1, 2010 - Williams International Group set to announce  the launching of it’s latest Cost Management software  “Cost Manager”,  in January 2011.

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