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Post Contract Cost Control

It is the case that a lot of good work can be undone if the cost control service falters when operations commence on site. Projects last for a considerable period on site and so the service must not only be of a high quality, but also the quality must be maintained over the entire project lifecycle.

Dedication and a pro-active approach are also key features of Williams’ post contract services. There is nothing easier for a cost consultant than to simply wait for information to be provided and then report the consequences; neither is there anything more frustrating for clients, design consultants, and contractors. This is not Williams’ approach and we will be a fully active member of the project team, dealing with issues as they arise and preventing expenditure that is not approved.

Once work is completed we will ensure that the contractor or consultant is paid what they are entitled to under the contract; nothing more nothing less. Negotiation will be handled fairly but firmly without recourse to hasty agreements simply to get the job completed. 

Our Post Contract Cost Control services shall include:

  • Variation preparation, pricing, evaluation and negotiation
  • Cash flow monitoring and trending
  • Payment application evaluation and recommendation
  • Regular financial reporting
  • Final account preparation, negotiation and settlement

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Oct 3, 2010 - Williams International Group  is pleased to announce the establishment of it’s newest office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Aug 1, 2010 - Williams International Group set to announce  the launching of it’s latest Cost Management software  “Cost Manager”,  in January 2011.

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