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Oconee Power Facility [GATE 6 Partnership]

Atlanta International


Duke Energy Inc.


Duke Energy Inc., Oconee Nuclear Station, Owner Operator

Project size

USD $1.5 Billion

Scope of Services

Project Management services including EPC vendor source selection team member, contract administration, cost estimating, scheduling, risk management, cost engineering, project control services for the Major Project Implementation Group.

Period of Performance


Responsible Project Phases

Engineering, procurement and construction.


[NUCLEAR] Oconee Nuclear Power Generation Facility, 3- 850MWe B&W pressurized water reactors. Major Modifications including Tornado HELB Project; Safe Shutdown Facility Generator Replacement; Reactor Protection Safe Shutdown System (Analog to Digital Conversion); Site Cathodic Protection; Fuel Transfer System; Condenser Tube Replacement; Control Room Air Handling System Upgrades.

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