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Medical Center of Louisiana

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New Orleans, LA USA

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USD $850 Million

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Medical Center of Louisiana This Design/Build project was a new hospital/medical center consisting of four, multiple story buildings, central energy plant and parking structure with connector walkways. The revitalization of the Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans (MCLNO) will create a landmark for human-centered experiences by reinforcing existing and forging new links among the universities, healthcare providers, business and the community. The MCLNO facility is to support modified operations for seven days when subject to the planned code level design for wind, flood or earthquake events. The anticipated events are:

  • Hurricane winds with airborne
  • Debris, but not tornados
  • Category 5 with no safety factors
  • Category 3 with all code mandated safety factors
  • Flooding similar to Katrina
  • Surge flooding
  • Earthquake per IBC Zone C

The Hospital, Ambulatory Care Building, Structured Parking, Central Energy Plant and the Connectors are essential facilities and are to be designed to the increased criteria IBC assigns to essential facilities. Other structures are to be designed to the IBC requirements for non-essential facilities. The Structured Parking building is an essential facility as it may support the helipad and may serve as mass decontamination or mass morgue during emergency operations.

The design of the new facilities for the Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans will pursue sustainable approaches in the design and construction of the new facility. The sustainable approaches will be considered in six main categories: flexibility, sustainable site planning, healthier indoor air quality and materials, energy efficiency, water use and conservation, and healing environments. This project is to incorporate sustainable design features of “LEED Silver equivalency.

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