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Light Rail Transit Phase 2 Build-Out, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

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Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)


Dallas Systems Consultants

Project size

USD $324 Million

Period of Performance


Responsible Project Phases

Planning, Design


Light Rail Transit Phase 2 Build-Out, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

Scope of Services

Contracted with Dallas Systems Consultants (DSC), a PARSONS and Paragon Joint Venture firm, to provide estimating support for the Systems Design. Systems consisted of the Overhead Cantenary System (OCS), Communications (COMM), Signals and Traction Power Sub substation(s).

Due to DART changing the contracting method for procurement of construction of the above rail expansion from Lump Sum to a Construction Manager / General Contractor (CMGC), DSC realized that their present method of estimating and historical cost modeling did not have enough depth to allow for adjustment to changing marketing conditions or support of budget estimate production to keep pace with the demands of the future Light Rail Expansion Program.

DSC, interested in enhancing their present estimating methods to include a more detailed breakdown of costs for these project elements, retained Williams/U.S. COST to perform interviews with staff including engineering and project controls to adapt the present system to a more robust one including a detailed breakdown of cost between Labor, Equipment and Material. Along with the development of this detailed cost information, Williams/U.S. COST has also developed a unique estimating model for not only the various system elements, but also the Project Management and Design Costs associated with the CMGC contracting method.

Williams/U.S.Cost was pleased to be able to again demonstrate our depth of ability as related to Project Control Services to the Nations Transportation Industry, in particular, the Systems Design for Light Rail.

Use of Rail Engineering & Maintenance Association (AREMA) standards and guidelines.

DART Green Line LRT – 2009 (Phase I) and 2010 (Phase II)
- Phase I COMPLETED (14 September 2009) from downtown to Fair Park
- 28-mile new line; Northwest-Southeast trajectory, moving through downtown; will share downtown segments with existing Red and Blue Lines
- Construction began in 2007

DART Orange Line LRT – 2011-2013
- 14-mile new line; Downtown to Northwest Dallas, ending at the airport; will share midtown route with Green Line and downtown routes with existing Red and Blue Lines.
- Construction began in 2009


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