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I285 and Memorial Bridge Interchange, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta International


Georgia Department of Transportation


Georgia Department of Transportation

Project size

USD $36 Million

Period of Performance


Responsible Project Phases

Planning, Design


I285 and Memorial Bridge Interchange, Atlanta, GA

Scope of Services

The proposed project involves reconstruction and rehabilitation of the interchange at I-285 and SR 10/Memorial Drive, and relocation of George Luther Drive. Also, the northbound ramp to I-285 has short merge problems of the acceleration lane with the main line. This is caused by the angle of approach of the acceleration lane and distance to the bridge support of Rockbridge Road over I-285. The road functions are: I-285 as an interstate principle arterial, Memorial Drive as an urban minor arterial and George Luther Drive as a local street. The existing interchange is incurring operational problems due to growth in traffic, commercial developments in the interchange area, ramp alignments and the close location to the interchange of the intersection of George Luther Drive with Memorial Drive. Current traffic volumes at the interchange have steadily shown an increase of vehicles per day on Memorial Drive west of the interchange at 39,000 and 56,000 east of the interchange, while traffic on I-285 approaching the interchange from both directions averages more than 350,000 per day.

The purpose of this project is to improve operations in the I-285 interchange area, improve flow, correct roadway deficiency, serve the transportation demand generated by increase in population and through traffic, and improve the safety of the roadway and interchange.


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