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Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit, San Francisco, CA

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Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District



Project size

USD $1,200 Million

Period of Performance

2010 - Present

Responsible Project Phases

Planning, Design and Construction


Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit, San Francisco, CA

Scope of Services

Originally hired to provide Claims analysis services on the Seismic Retrofit for Phase 2. Phase 2 began in June 2001 and was completed in July 2008. It was the most complex part of the project in terms of design and construction. Federal, state and regional funds totaling $189M were authorized to complete this phase.

This phase encompassed structural retrofit of many different types of structures of the south approach: the south approach viaduct, south anchorage housing, Fort Point arch, and south pylons. Retrofit measures developed for each of these structures reflect their individual behavior under seismic ground motions and their interaction at points of interface while accommodating their already-in-place historic configuration.

Phase 3A is the Retrofit of the North Anchorage Housing and Pylon N1. Phase 3A will cost $125M and will be funded using a combination of federal funds along with regional and state earmarks. A construction contract for Phase 3A was awarded in April 2008. Construction will take approximately 3.5 years to complete. We are currently providing support in reviewing and tracking contractor’s construction schedule and providing cost estimating & project control services as required.

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