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Facilities Management Advice

Effective facilities management ("FM") contributes to the success of every organization. By developing comprehensive FM strategies, our service allows our clients to concentrate on the core activities of their business by reducing the burden of managing building maintenance and operation.

We approach FM at two levels. At corporate level, we recognize the contribution effective FM policies provide to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On an operational level, effective FM provides a safe and efficient working environment.

Our approach is focused on results.  Working with the client at all stages, we develop clear asset and facilities management plans, reflecting the corporate business strategies, design and type of facility. We review the provision of clients FM services, monitoring current performance auditing and benchmarking against our comprehensive cost database and where appropriate, we can provide life cycle costing advice. Our FM service includes auditing, benchmarking and market testing together with outsourcing and procurement advice. We also provide post contract management and monitoring and advice on all aspects of operational FM.

Our aim is to provide the client with an FM service delivery model which is adherent to the clients requirements, increases asset flexibility and where appropriate reduces operating costs, while ensuring statutory obligations are met. A key advantage of our FM advice is that we are independent of any supply chain and this allows us to focus entirely on maximizing value for our clients. We provide a complete range of FM services and have a proven track record in delivery.

By consideration of the pro's and con's of all benefits we can design the optimum procurement strategy, presenting a business case for all the important decisions made.

Our Facilities Management Advice services shall include:

  • FM advice & support
  • FM audits & due diligence
  • Interim FM support
  • Benchmarking of FM costs
  • FM outsourcing advice
  • FM budget preparation & management
  • FM procurement support

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