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Energy Advice

The Williams team works with the client’s design team to analyze the energy demand of new (and existing) developments and identify areas where fossil-fuelled energy consumption can be reduced through efficiency upgrades (i.e. improving building fabric), effective building layout (i.e. use of natural ventilation, decreasing unwanted solar gain) and through the incorporation of renewable energy technology.

Once the team has a thorough understanding of the energy demand of facility(s) they can analyze and determine the key areas that should be addressed and the solutions necessary to reduce energy consumption/CO2 emissions. This understanding has been built on a depth of project experience and the delivery of leading edge research into the field.

Working with our cost team, we can provide the costs, quantities and dimensions of the solutions we propose. The team also has a thorough understanding of the merits and constraints of renewable energy technology including planning, operational performance and cost aspects.

We work with clients at the inception stage of projects helping inform designs by provided detailed guidance about the building materials and technical solutions required to reduce carbon emissions. Our capability includes:

  • Provision of analysis of the cost and benefits obtained through the use of differing design solutions;
  • Provision of design advice regarding all scale of renewable technology from micro generation (individual solar panels per dwelling) right through to large-scale wind farms. We also advise about The procurement and operational management of such technology;
  • Advice on both new build and existing projects (retrofitting);
  • Advice informed by strong links with industry and directly liaise with market-leading renewable energy technology manufacturers to obtain the most recent price and performance information.

Our Energy Advice services shall include:

  • Energy feasibility studies and design costing advice
  • Value analysis of carbon savings
  • Capital cost assessment & procurement management
  • Value for money appraisals

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