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Document Manager

Document Manager

Document  Manager  is a web based engineering document management software with comprehensive solutions for document tracking,  organizing and expeditious retrieval. It greatly improves the management of contracts and project correspondence across the entire enterprise, maximizing the value of each and every project document. The Document Manager collaboration tool streamlines all of the processes making assembling, reviewing and managing documents an easy task. It also ensure better business decisions by monitoring document workflows, providing in-depth analysis of live and historical process information, and validating process modifications before they are deployed.

Some features of Document Manager include:

  • Document Control, record management and logs
  • Runs on web server and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Project Management oriented
  • Environmental commitment to reduce paper waste
  • Faster document distribution
  • Can import and export easily
  • Greater collaboration with the team
  • Customizable fields, forms and reports
  • Drawing register store, revision and approval
  • System Administrator defined multiple permissions and access level
  • Workflow integrated in document management system
  • Approval/ forward / rejection / comments online though web site
  • Document Archiving

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