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Our Difference

To meet our client’s varied needs, our People, Processes and Systems are flexible enough to compliment your project delivery teams or lead the charge on your initiatives.

Our People

There is no doubt that our success is built from our employees. As a service provider, our greatest asset are the individuals who work for us. Our approach to recruiting and retaining staff has culminated in an employer / employee relationship unlike many others within our industry.

With many of our employees obtaining long service records within the company, we have established a secure yet challenging culture for our people. As a result, we have the benefit of being able to provide our clients with seasoned, proven professionals. In many cases, we are able to provide our clients with the same resources time and again; thus minimizing the learning curve associated with outsourcing.

Our Process

Most of our services are underpinned by procedural documentation, developed and improved upon during our 25+ years of business. These procedures form the cornerstone of our service delivery, and unlike many Quality Systems, they are of a detail which facilitates both internal and external training.

These services are then further enhanced with IT applications either developed in-house from our software development team, or from one of our partner vendors to form a world class Project Management and control platform.

Our Systems

If people are our greatest asset, it is our approach to technology that provides us with the biggest differentiator from our competition. Unlike our competitors, Williams is also a commercial software developer providing leading edge systems and solutions to complement our services, ensuring our staff are fully trained on, and integrated with, the latest technology.

Being a developer and user of the Success suite of state of art project management and control software, Williams is also partnered with “best in class” software vendors and database developers, to provide full integration and support into their systems.

News & Events

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Press Releases

Oct 3, 2010 - Williams International Group  is pleased to announce the establishment of it’s newest office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Aug 1, 2010 - Williams International Group set to announce  the launching of it’s latest Cost Management software  “Cost Manager”,  in January 2011.

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