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Cost Manager

Cost Manager

Cost Manager is a flexible and easy to use cost management software for project costing and control. The Cost Manager ensures predictability and cost control throughout the life cycle of a project and provides a structured approach to the management of all costs associated with a project including funding, budgets, forecasting, trending, performance monitoring, cashflow projections, contract changes,  claims, risk elements, payments, etc.

Some features of Cost Manager include:

  • Dealing with multiple projects at the same time. This could be multiple projects or phases of a project. Each project will be part a single database and the user rights can be allocated to a specified project.
  • Monitoring the cost performance to detect and understand variance from plan.
  • Mitigation actions to bring expected costs within acceptable limits.
  • Controlling influencing factors that create change to the baseline.
  • Ensuring that all changes are handled in accordance with the established Change Management Process.
  • Determining whether or not the cost baseline has changed and preventing incorrect, inappropriate or unauthorized changes from being included in the baseline.
  • Easy production and management of the documents like contract changes, risk register, payment certificates, insurance monitoring, etc.
  • Interfaces with Primavera P6 through Success Schedule Exchange to provide accurate project resourcing and cashflow forecasting.
  • State of the art project reporting capabilities.

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