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Project Close-out Management


Project close-out management is a process that coordinates the efficient seamless handover of a new facility to its owner. Our systematic project close-out approach ensures that organizations achieve their service requirements and can realize the full benefits of their new facility.

This stage usually marks the end of the main construction works and involves the project manager in a number of specified activities to close-out the construction contract successfully. Project completion and handover are very much interlinked. This is the final stage of work executed by the contractors and the consultants prior to acceptance of the facility by the client. They are carried out under the continued coordination and supervision of the project manager.

The Williams team will take control of this process from inception through completion. We will prepare a detailed hand-over plan and schedule and implement orderly closeout procedures for verification of completeness of each of the construction elements.

At the proper time, Williams will coordinate with the consultant on the preparation of a punch lists, indicating the items of work remaining to be accomplished, and ensure that these items are completed in an expeditious manner.

Also, Williams shall assemble all guarantees, warranties, etc., as required by the contract documents and forward them to the Client, certifying that they are complete and cover all work as required.

Our Project Close-out Management services shall include:

  • Planning and scheduling hand-over
  • Managing taking over of the works
  • Ensuring that all the technical, contractual and legal close out formalities are complied
  • Verifying completeness of warrantees, guarantees, as built-drawings and operation manuals
  • Co-ordination with appropriate team members
  • Managing payment certifications and settlements
  • Assistance in facility management planning

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